[IMPORTANT] Application format

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[IMPORTANT] Application format

Post by DooM_KiLLeR on Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:25 pm

If you think you have the guts and you want to administrate our server, you think you have spent enough time on the server and have understood the rules & regulations of the server very well and guide new players and keep the server under control as well as maintain your maturity in handling cases so then you may apply for administration.

To apply you must use the following format in-order to get your application considered otherwise it will lead to a instant denied and you might be blocked from posting an admin application.

To apply use the following format:

Your in-game name:
When did you join EG:
Are you fluent in English:
Why do you want to be a part of EG staff:
What will you bring to this community:
Do you have control over yourself in certain cases [ Be honest, honest reply may rise your chance ]:
What can you do for this community:
How much activity do you present on our server a day:
Anything else:

NOTE: The format may be changed without any notice and not following the new format may lead to an instant denied of the application.

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