[IMPORTANT] Ban appeal format

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[IMPORTANT] Ban appeal format

Post by DooM_KiLLeR on Fri Apr 10, 2015 8:38 pm

So you did something stupid most probably and got banned for it, now you want to play again and you really learned your lesson for what you did, so why not, go ahead make a new topic and you MUST use the following format in-order to get your appeal considered otherwise it will get an instant denied and you will be banned from posting ban appeal.

To make an un-ban appeal you must be honest in the appeal and try to give all the information correctly, fake info means you suffer the consequences!

Your Name in-game:
Date when you were banned:
Who banned you:
Ban type [ Unique ID / Serial / Subnet ]:
Explain what happened:
Why would we unban you:
Anything else:
Screen of you being banned:

NOTE: You should read the following rules before posting otherwise your appeal will be instantly denied.

Rules for posting Un-Ban appeal:

> Do not lie in your application
> Do not use rough language
> Behave and be mature
> Explain the situation correctly and honestly
> Patience is important, it can take time on your appeal, spamming constantly on your appeal for response may lower your chances.


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